Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bocca Di Lupo

I can't recommend this restaurant enough! My body is still revelling from the taste sensations that it experienced here. Bocca di Lupo claims that each dish takes the notes of each region in Italy that it derives from - dining here is basically like taking a gastronomic tour of Italy! All the dishes come in small or large sizes, a nice point of difference.  Based on non-descript Archer St, you will feel like you have found a gem in the rough on arrival.

Where: Bocca di Lupo
When: 1-4pm
What: A bustling and modern Italian restaurant. The food has a rustic look and feel
Who: A bunch of foodies, enjoying a very long lunch with some really great Italian wine
Food: Start: Shaved radish,celeriac & pecorino salad with pomegranates and truffle oil. This salad blew my mind! I don't think I have ever tasted such a variety of flavours that go better together. Main: Pumpkin & Amaretti tortelli with sage butter- another favourite. I then didn't have enough room to taste the cheese boards and the dessert

Drinks: Aperitif: 2005 Franciacorta Brut  - Fratelli Berlucchi. With starter: 2005 Sierra Fiorese (Verdicchio Classico Riserva) - Garofoli. With main course: 2007 Tocco – L’Acino
2007 Capitel San Rocco Valpolicella Ripasso - Tedeschi
Price: 20 pounds for the two courses excluding wine
Service: Perfect Italian friendly service and a very qualified sommelier
Clientele: A mixture of corporate people for lunch and foodies
Ambiance: Clean, sharp and warm
Saw: At ground level there is a great bar area if you are dining alone or with one other and a spacious dining area exists at the back of the restaurant. Downstairs is a private dining room (the Remus room).
Bathrooms: Big, bright, loads of mirrors and very clean
Would I go again? Yes, this was my best food experience in London this year, and it's been a long year. Value for money +
Also of note: They also own the gelato store opposite called Gelupo. Probably equally as good!


  1. Ooh that looks fantastic! I have always wanted to eat here! Great blog, I'll be following :) x

  2. Nice... I've heard good things and have wanted to go there. Will check out.