Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fernandez and Wells

There is always time to stop in at Fernandez and Wells for a quick after work drink. You walk in there and you instantly feel like you are in a barrio in Spain. It is a fantastic place to sip the worries of your working day away.

If I could take this bar with me everywhere I went...I would. I love the waiters, I love the clientele, I love the simple tapas and I love it that the wine options are quality as opposed to quantity.

Where: 43 Lexington Street, Soho, London
When: 6-8pm
Food: Manchego cheese platter with yummy bread. Simple and effective
Drinks: A gorgeous Argentinian red. Allegrini I think was called
Service: Waiters - hot- tick
Clientele: Interesting, Eclectic, Creative, Corporate
Ambiance: Yes...the light is suitably dimmed and there is a bustle of people vying for the few seats
Bathrooms: Didn't I can't comment
Saw: A mix of cool and unpretentious people
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, and especially people who appreciate the life of the Latino

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