Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clooney- Auckland, NZ

Where: Clooney, Sale St, Auckland
When: A Tuesday night...the day after Valentines Day
What: A gorgeous intimate restaurant set on an unassuming low key street
Who: Myself and five friends. Two of which were newly married, two celebrating their one-year anniversary, Macfly and myself-  A very special Auckland evening! We were surrounded by couples celebrating a belated Valentines day
Two friends posing in front of Auckland's imposing Sky Tower- Sale St

Food: The eight-course tasting menu . Definitely try it. There is also a vegetarian tasting menu (which I ordered) and it was devine
Drinks: Cosmopolitans to start and then a Central Otago (NZ) red to follow. The boys stuck to beer

View of Auckland's sky tower outside Clooney

Price: NZD$160pp including drinks
Service: Impeccable
Clientele: People enjoying a touch of fine dining without white table cloths and rigid service
Ambiance: A really nice low-lit ambiance. There was lots of space between tables and tables were separated by curtains of black string (Like extra long tassles)
Saw: People brushing in and out of the curtains. Admittedly it was a nice sensation
Bathrooms: The bathrooms were very clean and tidy. They are up a set of stairs so be careful not to drink too much
Would I go again? Yes... but It is definitely one of those places you would go on a special occassion
Also of note: There is a small bar in the front entrance which is available for people who are not intending to dine or for those waiting for their other guests to arrive