Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hanging out at Blacks in Soho

For a private member's club it is cheap and surprisingly low key and informal. It feels like you are as relaxed as you would be drinking in your own home. Dream!

Where: 67 Dean St, Soho, London
When: 6-8pm
Food: We didn't eat but the dining room looked gorgeous and with a menu to match
Drinks: Apparently it has the largest wine list in Soho. We drank a very nice Italian red wine that was recommended by the barman. It's best to buy a bottle if you head up to the bar on the third floor because otherwise you have to traipse down to the bottom floor for more.
Service: Waiters were unpretentious and friendly. 
Clientele: Interesting and Eclectic
Ambiance: Yes... the light is suitably dimmed
Bathrooms: I always judge a place by its bathrooms. Unfortunately this one didn't live up to my standards.
Saw: Helena Bonham-Carter (not as cool as seeing Snoop Dogg in Soho earlier in the day)
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
How to get in: Buy a membership or go with a friend who has a membership...tick!