Friday, October 8, 2010

Caravan - Restaurant Bar and Roastery

Caravan is located on the edge of the uber styley Exmouth Market. On my first visit a few months ago, I arrived by taxi right to the door of the cafe/restaurant/roastery. However my second visit was much more exciting. I had to venture through the rain from the other end of Exmouth Market (spotting other places I must stop at next time).The journey through the market helped me to appreciate Caravan as a final destination amongst a myriad of other great eateries and boutique shops. Caravan is a classic New Zealand cafe/restaurant and, it has a played down, yet chic utilitarian vibe.

Where: 11-13 Exmouth Market
Who: My friend from Portland and I
Food: A mixture of tapas style foods. I had Avocado, olive oil and chilli flakes on grain toast, edamame and blue cheese and peanut wontons- What a combination! My friend had peppered tuna with broad bean and ginger vinagerette, and a spicy pork filled honey glazed gypsy bun
Drinks: Beer for him and a gorgeous NZ riesling for me
Service: Great New Zealand service
Clientele: Loads of NZ accents but a great mix of other cultures enjoying the NZ food, wine and hospitality
Ambiance: Classic warm, friendly kiwi cafe
Bathrooms: Great
Saw: The rain falling from the cosiness of the cafe
Would I recommend to a friend: Definitely, and I would want that friend to take me back!

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