Saturday, October 16, 2010

My favourite for lunch - Mrs Marengo's

When I first moved to London...I spotted this place as I was rushing to an appointment. The cute facade made me stop in my tracks and peek in the window full of delicious looking salads and cakes. This was my second visit to Mrs Marengo's...and I know that we will develop a close friendship. Mrs Marengo's specialises in catering to the Soho lunch crowd and offers all sorts of yummy vegetarian delights for both eat-in and take-away. Meat eaters wouldn't even notice that there is no meat on the menu.

Where: 53 Lexington Street
When: 12:45 to beat the 1pm Soho lunch rush
What: Vegetarian takeaway and eat in. Meals, coffee and cake shop
Who: A friend and always
Food: I ordered the haloumi and spinach stack...which had an amazing anonymous brown sauce. My friend ordered the spinach and roasted vege omelette. There are also amazing salads that sit on the counter. Cakes and slices fill the window and tempt people in off the street.
Drinks: Sparkling they don't serve wine...but they do make amazing organic juices.
Saw: There is always a queue between 1pm and 2:30pm because the food is so good!
Bathrooms: A bit annoying because there aren't any. They are at Mildred's which is the more formal sister restaurant next door. Mildreds is another favourite.
Would I go again? Yes because the food is so good, and it is very inexpensive
Would I recommend to a friend? Of course...this is my kind of lunch place

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