Saturday, October 2, 2010


Having been here, and at the Nobu in South Beach before, I wasn't upset when my friend decided that the Mayfair Hotel (where we were meant to be meeting and which had hard house playing at 7pm) wasn't quite right for us, and that we should go to the next bar along...hello Nobu. I think that after tonight I have a re-newed respect for Nobu. After all these still ticks all the foodie boxes and it doesn't have the pretentiousness that it did when it was a celebrity place-to-be-seen.

Where: 15 Berkeley St
When: 7-9pm
What: Drinks and your favourite Japanese treats in the lounge bar
Who: Me and a always
Food: I am not a huge fan of sashimi, but I gave it a whirl tonight and I think I might have tipped the scales. Oishii desu ne!
Drinks: My friend bought me a sauvignon blanc to start...not ideal...everyone knows that Poppy doesn't drink sauvignon...never one to turn a wine down though. After that I swiftly moved on to a Nobu cosmopolitan
Saw: There were possibly loads of celebs there but because of the dimmed lighting and me trying to hold a serious conversation with my pal I didn't see anything!
Bathrooms: Immaculate like every good Japanese restaurant
Would I go again? Of course

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