Friday, November 5, 2010


My foodie pal Lady Blonde recommended I try Sketch for my birthday last week... and so I did.

Sketch offers some really lovely drinking and dining spaces and it has a great ambiance. I can definitely see it as a great place to retreat on a cold winter's night. The front of house people whisk away your coats and make you feel very welcome. I had a really nice time whilst there, but came away thinking the food could have been better. Of note were the cocktails we had on arrival in The Parlour...and I loved the maitre d' who looked after us all night. His personality was a juxtaposition to that of the French waitress we had in The Parlour.

Where: Sketch - 9 Conduit St, London
When: 7-10:30
What: The Parlour: A high-tea room by day and a cocktail bar by night. The Gallery: In The Gallery you feel like you are part of an art installation, it is the more formal dinner dining area.
Who: Loads of French accents...and us.
Food: Modern French cuisine

Drinks: The cocktails in The Parlour were gorgeous. A pity about the sour waitress.  

Price: 50 pounds for mains and dessert
Service: Impeccable service from the main entrance through to The Gallery restaurant. The maitre de in The Parlour treated us very badly. I arrived with one other friend, and although there were five of us booked, instead of seating us at a table for five, she insisted on moving us around the room to different tables until all five of us were there.
Ambiance: Perfectly dimmed lighting. Very exotic
Saw: Every room had an interesting point of difference. At Sketch you can have many different experiences in one place
Bathrooms: The toilets were like space saving pods...very interesting. We liked the cleaner dressed as a cute maid and that upon closing the toilet door a speaker plays the commentary of an airport. Kind of odd, but fun
Would I go again? Tough one. It was nice, and it was quirky which made it fun, but personally I thought it may have been slightly overpriced for the quality of the food.
Also of note: Book in advance to get a table

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