Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch at Zuma

FINALLY! I made it to Zuma. I love Japanese food and I have been itching to get my bushy little tail into Zuma for a long time now. Did it prove to be as good as I expected? Yes yes yes. If only this place could be my local.

Where: 5 Raphael St, Knightsbridge, SW7 1DL
When: Lunch on a Monday
What: Japanese izakaya style dining
Who: Myself and another friendly fox
Food:  Westernised Japanese cuisine with authentic flavours from its eastern origins
We chose a variety of dishes. - Zuma kapi maki, steamed edamame, vegetable tempura, courgette skewers, yakitori, and a sobacha brulee for dessert. Delicious!

Drinks: We tried the Zumanuka cocktail…A Zuma’s creation made from 42 Below honey vodka originating from New Zealand. After a few of these I was not really caring about the food- wow!

Price:  £100 + for 2 people including drinks, but we weren’t on a budget last Monday
Service: The service is what defines this restaurant from its counterparts. I like it how the girl at the front of house commented on my coat and asked me where I got it. I also liked it that the waiter commented on how I had made a good choice when I chose the Zumanuka cocktail. They obviously have good taste too…ha ha
Clientele: It is always interesting to be out lunching in a mainly residential area. I always question what other people are doing there…why aren’t they working? Who knows. ..but it was a nice Monday to be lunching at Zuma
Ambiance: Lively but intimate at the same time. Much less chaotic than the real izakaya dining experience in Japan. Either way it was enjoyable
Saw: I love it how in every Japanese restaurant they line up sake bottles like they are a piece of decorative art, and usually they are backlit. Zuma didn’t fail to deliver on this unique offering

Bathrooms: Really lovely and clean bathrooms. The hand soap was Molton Brown, which is a personal favourite. My hands love Molton Brown
Would I go again? Yes! Japanese cuisine is a favourite of mine
Also of note: There are private kotatsu rooms that you can hire if you go in a group. They look really fantastic. Next time I will try and take 10 other foxes with me and we can sip on sake all night long in the authentic sunken dining rooms

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